Case Study 1

Hiring Key Talent for Tech Startups (Agritech and Learning)

Brief Synopsis & Problem

We have helped startups (product based) to hire their core team including Co-Founders & CTOs. Our expertise has added to the exponential talent and people growth, which helped these startups to sail through the initial testing period to sustain.  This actually helped companies to build value which is of interests to the investors and they were able to successfully raise the funding. The company’s founders had specific requirements to scale up their operations and were looking to hire for key positions, considering the company was into its early set up phase, it was difficult to convince the talent in terms of believing in the brand and their story.

Our Approach

We had detailed discussions with the founders about the company’s future vision and growth plan including their outlook towards the talent that they are seeking. We then became their brand ambassadors, while finding the right talent. We had detailed discussions with the prospective talents and closely participated in the selection process, so that if there are any gaps in our understanding can be corrected immediately, without wasting much of time.

End Result

We were able to hire the right talent with the right expertise, which helped the organizations to put themselves on an accelerated growth path. The team of 2 , then became the team of 15 quality professionals, which helped the start ups to get to the seed funding to further accelerate and propel its growth.