Case Study 2

Setting up the Performance Management Framework

Brief Synopsis & Problem

We offered our client with a headcount of about 200 employees, to build a sustainable performance management program and driving the entire change management including employee communications and queries handling to ensure smooth transition. We went beyond the scope of work to ensure that the company is able to manage employee expectation effectively by offering them customized solutions to support business strategy The company’s performance appraisal program has the following improvement areas:
1. Ad-Hoc Performance Appraisals
2. Performance Appraisals linked to the Service Anniversaries
3. The rating system was outdated
4. No linkage to the company’s values and desired behaviours
5. The bonus payment guidelines were missing

Our Approach

We have provided companies our expert guidance on running the performance appraisals annually and defined their annual performance calendars. We have defined a 5 point rating scale for better assessments including guidelines on  setting up the SMART Goals. The goals were categories into ‘Functional’ and ‘Behavioural’. Behavioural goals includes company’s value system since it is important that besides the functional  assessments, employees should also demonstrate desired behaviors, which sets the culture of the organization. We help the company into the implementation of the new program including conducting workshops for employees at different levels, preparing the FAQ documents and setting up the helpdesk for personal query resolution. We have also prepared the increment budgets for the company, to ensure that the increase is reasonable and competitive at the same time.