Case Study 3

Career and Competence Frameworks

Brief Synopsis & Problem

We helped our client to execute a career and competence framework aligned with the business strategy to ensure that there is a consistent career path defined across levels. We suggested a career framework integrated with the talent needs, promotion strategy, reward and recognition, succession planning and organization restructuring The company wanted to introduce career and competence framework for its employees, to standardize titles, grades and career path including competencies for all the roles.

Our Approach

We have prepared the Career Level Framework for all the roles within the different business units, defined its technical, functional and behavioral competencies. To make it an end to end approach, we have also helped companies to redefine its rewards and recognition strategy, promotion policy and succession planning.

End Result

The employees were aligned as per the revised grading and competence structure. Employees got to know about the career path and what competencies they need to develop in case they are eying for the next level. For the succession planning, we created the revised organization structures, did the role fitment and carried on assessments to identify if the roles will be filled internally or talent needs to be hired externally. The revised R and R program was more aligned to the organization vision and mission and directly proportional to the areas where they want their people to focus such as quality, team work, innovation, business development and leadership.